Study Clubs

Are you a general dentist looking to learn more about dental implants and integrate them into your practice? Join one of our popular study clubs and receive 1 to 1 clinical mentoring on your own cases! Connect with other local doctors and learn in this dynamic peer-to-peer environment.

Peninsula Implant Continuum

What is it?

This local study club was designed for doctors with beginning to intermediate implant training and knowledge. Started in 2012 for General Dentists, this study club meets quarterly in the Peninsula of the Bay Area, CA.

What information is covered in the study club?

The study club meetings focus on idealizing the treatment planning process for dental implants, and working up cases optimally. It also includes a hands-on live surgery component!

Another benefit of participating in the study club is that you get 1-to-1 mentoring with Dr. Field. You’ll have full access to him for cases, troubleshooting and ongoing support – he’s always available by phone or email to discuss your individual cases.

How long do doctors attend the study club?

The membership is individualized based on doctors’ needs. Some doctors stay in the study club for years for ongoing support and mentorship. Others may join for a year and feel like they are fully educated to do cases on their own. The frequency and schedule is based on your specific goals.

How do I sign up for this study club?

Contact Dr. Field to sign up for the Peninsula Implant Continuum and inquire about further details.


“I joined Dr. Field’s study club in 2015 and it’s been an awesome experience! Dr. Field is professional, caring and a great teacher who’s willing to mentor anyone eager to learn. I gained so much knowledge and confidence after the course – now I find myself far more willing to take on difficult cases that I was referring out before. I would highly recommend this study club to anyone who’s thinking about doing more implants in their practice!” Dr. Allen Lee, Bay Star Dental, San Mateo 

“For years I had gone to implant seminars, training, and study clubs–but still wasn’t placing implants in my practice. Then I went to Dr Joe Field’s Implant Continuum–and there was no comparison. Dr Field’s hands-on teaching method and way of making implant surgery seem simple, something anyone could master that made the difference. Thanks to Dr Field’s course, I have in my practice done more implant, sinus lift; ridge split, and bone augmentation surgeries than I could have imagined possible. Implants are an integral and ever growing part of my practice!” Dr. Todd S. Adams, Sunnyvale

Sierra Implant Continuum – Coming soon!

Modeled after the Peninsula Implant Continuum, and with the same focus and structure, this exciting new study club will take place in beautiful North Lake Tahoe! There will be a seasonal golf and ski component. The format will be a half-day lecture, followed by a half-day activity.

This study club will be sponsored by Neoss.