Smiles for Troops

The Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry holds the annual Smiles for Troops event in honor of Veteran’s Day. The entire team comes together for a full day to provide free dental care to military veterans who have served abroad. The 2016 charitable program was their 4th annual event.

Dental care abroad tends to be substandard or completely inaccessible.. When the brave men and women of our Armed Forces return home, they often have difficulty accessing dental care through the Veterans’ Healthcare Administration, and can face extensive wait times for basic care.

Dr. Field’s brother serves in the Air Force, so it is a cause close to home. Other PCCD team members have veteran family members as well.

The practice finds it incredibly rewarding to give their time and resources providing men and women of the armed forces with much-needed dental care. It’s life-changing for so many of the troops who receive care: not only. is their dental work free on Smiles for Troops day, but they also receive ongoing dental care from PCCD to monitor their restorations.

Dr. Field and all of the staff at PCCD love giving back to veterans by helping them become pain-free, and giving them healthy smiles for years to come.


Dr. Field regularly participates in trips through AYUDA International to provide free dental care to underserved communities. He has joined multiple international trips to Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, as well as local clinics in Los Angeles. Providing humanitarian dentistry to people is one of the most rewarding aspects of Dr. Field’s philanthropic activities.